SHIPCHEM is a one-stop Internet service platform for transportation of dangerous chemicals, providing one-stop online integrated services of international logistics for enterprises and manufacturer associated to dangerous chemicals, which include shipping space booking, towing, customs declaration, three pre-declaration inspections, packing inside warehouse, cargo insurance and tank container service. It helps enterprises associated to dangerous chemicals to effectively reduce logistics cost, improve logistics management efficiency, and simplify logistics operation links. SHIPCHEM has always been paying close attention to the vigorous development of the industry itself and the new direction of Internet technology. It gathers people of vision from different industries in an active attempt to combine the traditional dangerous chemicals transportation industry with Internet technology, and realize the overall knowledge renewal and technology upgrade of the industry with new concept and technology.

Strategic Partners

SHIPCHEM owns a complete logistics network for dangerous goods. Presently its has established branch offices in Shanghai, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Yiwu and Xiamen as well as cooperative partnerships at various ports throughout China, including Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, Zhapu Port, Nanjing Port, Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Xiamen Port, Guangzhou Port and Shenzhen Port, and built an integration industry train covering the transportation of dangerous chemicals, so as to provide highly efficient and safe dangerous chemicals logistics service with super high performance-to-price ratio to clients.

Logistics network for dangerous chemicals

SHIPCHEM has laid its service network throughout the country, primarily in various big ports with Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Nanjing, Shanghai, Zhapu, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou or Shenzhen as the center. Within the network, the largest and newest warehouse for dangerous goods in Zhejiang. Its first-phase project has already been put into use, which occupies a land area of 70 mu. The storehouse is 150000㎡ in area, and the dangerous goods yard is 40000㎡, among which 5000㎡ serves as the only dangerous goods bonded area of the customs in East China. Besides, 80 mu of land has been reserves for its second-phase project. Meanwhile, it owns the Ningbo dangerous chemicals bulk & General cargo domestic trading terminal, which has a shoreline as long as 150 meters, dockable for 10000-ton class integrated transport vessels and accessible to all domestic ports an inland terminals. This terminal has now been rectified and reformed to be upgraded to a dangerous goods bulk & General cargo terminal. Its subsidiary Ningbo Chemical Logistics & Transportation Co., Ltd. has established a dangerous chemical transportation fleet with the approval of the TSA of the Ministry of Transport of the PRC, which is a fully qualified fleet with 50 dangerous goods vehicles. Ningbo Yongjie Container Service Co., Ltd. provides professional services including ISO TANK container leasing, transportation, repair and maintenance.

SHIPCHEM provides one-stop ISO tank container services, including wash, repair, pressure testing, 5-yearhydraulic test, steam heating and freight service. In addition, SHIPCHEM also provides externals services to clients, including tank container renting and tank container operation, covering industries of chemicals, petroleum, petrochemical, etc.

Accurate Service Chain

Thanks to the above service advantages, SHIPCHEM has owned more controllability in servicing enterprises and manufacturers related to dangerous chemicals. After receiving customer’s requirements, SHIPCHEM can give an active response in first time. With the operation of a professional team, through the high-efficiency co-movement of various departments such as self-owned fleet, warehouse and terminal, it can complete the entire progress from platform order receiving, warehouse shipment, fleet transportation and terminal loading within the shortest time, deliver client’s cargo to the destination at the highest speed, and provide professional, safe and highly efficient logistics service to clients. Meanwhile online it has achieved whole-process visual tracing of cargo based on satellite positioning and vehicle APP positioning technology as well as integrated seamless connection of containerized cargo, pickup warehouse, container lorry, customs declaration, port of loading, container vessel and POD with the help of the latest Internet technology. PC, tablet or cellphone, whichever device is used to log into SHIPCHEM, the experience will always be symmetric and self-adaptive, so as to meet the various work demands of users under different situations.

SHIPCHEM has a professional team rich in experience. With the concerted efforts of all stuff, abiding by the service tenant of honesty, safety, quality and efficiency, and adhering consistently to the values of client first and mutual benefits, SHIPCHEM has been making continuous progress towards the goal and vision of becoming the most professional platform, won a wide market and the trust and support of clients, and laid a solid foundation of the further development of the company. Today, we are continuously perfecting our service and lowering our cost to win the support of more clients; in the future, SHIPCHEM will continue to respond to the appeal of the government and improve the service level and value of this enterprise with innovation as its driving power. Meanwhile, we are endeavoring topromote the overall development of China’s logistics business of dangerous chemicals and the optimized development of China’s chemicals logistics industry.

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